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Lifestyle Time Management and Data Analytics

We are a lifestyle time management, data analytics company founded in 2018. We offer a service to those who find themselves consistently time poor with a never ending list of tasks to organise and prioritise. Whether you are a busy working professional or a small to medium size business, we have you covered.

Based in Cork, we are ready to help our customers plan and prioritise to achieve an organised every day life. We look at each customer on a case by case basis and our recommendations are tailored to suit your needs.

About Us

Our Team

The Lifestyle Organisers is a service provider that assists people in meeting the daily challenges of life in the modern world. We recognize the demands that pull people in a multitude of directions constantly.

Our Values

We are driven by our core values of excellence, reliability, simplicity and integrity

Tanya O’Sullivan

Tanya has over 20 years experience working in the pharmaceuticals industry at senior level and knows exactly the challenges associated with juggling a busy working career with personal goals. Tanya also has a coaching and mentoring qualification and has extensive experience in this space

Linda O’Connell

Linda is a qualified accountant with over 15 years accountancy experience in both large scale multinationals and her own freelance business. Linda has mastered organisation in meeting her own professional and personal goals daily


What we do

It is our philosophy that people gain the greatest satisfaction and achieve their maximum potential when they create balance in all areas of their lives.

Why you may need our services

  • Would you like to see if your daily task list can become less chaotic and more predictable?
  • Are you so far behind in your to-do list that your tasks never make the completed list?
  • Would you like more structure around your week in terms of appointments outside of work?
  • Are you looking for new ideas on how to spend your free time?

The Lifestyle Organisers Time Management Services

We offer face to face consultations to work through your current daily and monthly commitments and we make recommendations to maximise your time. We evaluate your lifestyle within ‘The Lifestyle Organisers, Seven Lifestyle Categories’


For feeling productive and maintaining your standard of living. What does work represent for you?


For restoration and rejuvenation. Are you getting enough sleep?


Meal planning makes healthy eating so much easier. How do you plan your meals?


The reason we work, the reason we stress, the reason we strive. Are you making time to enjoy your homelife whatever it represents for you?

Social Life

Downtime with others is really good for the mind and soul. Are you finding time to connect with others?

Health & Fitness

A healthy mind and a healthy body. Are you focused on being fit?

Social Media

For social networking and information. When and how do you find time to stay informed?





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